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“Each person has their own perspective on everything, and everyone is blind to something. “Blind” highlights the darkness in every conscious mind, including mine, as we know ourselves better than anyone. Love is blinding, as is the truth and thoughts. Although darkness cannot exist without light, its easier to get lost in the dark. Lyrically “Blind” may be confronting but what you are reading and listening to is the darkness that is in all of us. “Blind” is my admittance to blindness but also my avenue to persevere in what I truly desire. What do you desire?"


released February 25, 2013

Thanks to Nathan Sheehy at Jungle Studios, Mitchell James Strangman Photography, Lee Lewis, Dan Nascimento at Virtue Agency, Azimuth Mastering (New Jersey, USA), our family and friends and most importantly everyone who has ever supported us in any way possible.



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Perspectives Sydney, Australia


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Track Name: A Bird Who Can't Fly
A long time ago, I lost my eyes along with my ego. Blind warrior fighting below waiting for the death blow. I’ve tried to hide it didn’t work, no. I lost my eyes, but couldn’t find… how could anyone know, we all grow cold, we all grow cold.
Blind man. Singing in pitch black waiting for the sunrise in your head. How can you see the light? When the window to your mind has blackened over time. Still watch the world go by like a bird that can’t fly. Keep singing to find the light. Blind man keep up the fight.
"I lost my eyes, I cannot see, I still have everything. Still the man I need to be, this hearts still beating. Have my eyes I don’t need them, I have my voice to take me to the sky. Music’s my eyes. Who am I to complain about the pain and the rain when I haven’t seen what you’ve sustained. You carry your burden for the world to see if only everyone was blind like you and me.”
"A world without light but a path that’s straight. Blind boy see the world, sing stories to tell. I can’t see your scars so write from your heart. The blind never finish last, the others can’t see the dust, the blind never finish last.”
“Blind man, save me from myself,
Blind man, save me from them,
They cannot see.
Blind man, let’s leave this land,
Blind man, please take my hand,
Blind man, please let me fly,
Blind man, I can’t stand this life…”
Track Name: Black Hole
When will we see straight, when will the structure stand? We spent so long building, but our vision is collapsing, is the black hole in me? Or below our bare feet. Maybe a small piece in everyone we meet, we’re all colliding towards defeat. I’ll keep singing (through silence deafening).
Sing the song you’ve sang before, sing the chorus “it hard to mean more”. Convince yourself you have a purpose, happy to see only on the surface. But we will keep going deeper as the truth seekers. Blindness brings out the best, makes them see the truth, makes them less deceitful, makes them make a difference, makes them fucking hate, saying something without being complacent.
When you put a lion in a cage pride turns to rage. When you tell him there’s no other way, no lies or fakes. Just cold steel bars, changing who you really are. Concrete like ice, wish for a better life. If you try to take, one note from me. This song, your eulogy.
When will we see straight, when will the structure stand? We spent so long building, but our vision is collapsing, is the black hole in me? Or below our bare feet, a small piece in everyone we meet. We’re all colliding towards defeat.
Blindness brings out the best,
Makes them see the truth,
Makes them less deceitful,
Makes them make a difference,
Makes them fucking hate this,
Makes them less complacent,
Makes you fucking hate me.
Track Name: Innocence Behind
Blind lady singing in the pain and her haunted feelings. She can’t see she is blind like all of us she asks why, the blind never lie. As the calm embrace…
Darkness takes its place. You don’t have your eyes but the chance to make it right. Not bearing the sight you lost your eyes.
Your tears made you fucking blind even the strongest fall and get left behind, trying to find their fucking eyes. The blind eye turned beautiful women a lapse in judgment proved only your innocence. Young women you have your whole so take your time, please take you time.
Blind lady singing in the pain and her haunted feelings. She can’t see she is blind like all of us she asks why, the blind never lie, the blind never lie.
Track Name: Blind
Blinded in the dark sting in his heart to slow to grasp cupid’s arrow and the poison. A trap for love to fall in in the darkness saw a way out skin paler than the snow still warmer than his home. Hands covered in silk, hiding the pain that she feels. His lust ate through her shield, mistakes of the past makes love’s paths rough.
Left in the dark writing what he did on his arms from where he wore his heart wrist poisoned from the start. Memories from your head forgotten poems said past lives you have lead. Words whispered but never meant a silhouette can still be ignorant. A skin so thick can’t break the chip on your shoulder, hidden by your lips.
You still speak with ice
Freeze yourself in time
You cannot rewind
Leave the past behind
Hope that love is blind
Hope that it finds, you one day so that you can call it mine.
The nights grow cold and young lovers hold onto what they have more tightly than in the past. But you always fuck it up like a junkie of every drug, who doesn’t know what he wants. Like a three headed dog who’s gotten lost. Remembering when he fell picturing that dark hell caused by cupids bow.

Just another snake with a thousand faces. Just another snake with the truth to waste. And love to hate a queen of aces.
Scream until you feel.

"I can’t say a hard life; I hold a knife in my lungs to fight. I can’t see the light. Darkness my only tie, darkness my might. Blind to the waves of time. I can’t say a hard life, but childhood strife, made it hard to choose my paths right. Forced me into those traps, a prolonged relapse. I’ve seen the truth people can’t change, even the old and lame."